Are you feeling snowed under? I was (and what I did about it)

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“Oy! I ache all over”, I said to myself.

Of course, that was after shovelling 25cm+ of snow off my driveway last week.

(But I’m feeling better just in time to celebrate my birthday week – which is this week. Yes, I’m old enough now that birthday week is a thing (again)).

I was chanting to myself “We don’t have earthquakes…we don’t have hurricanes…we don’t have alligators…” as I shovelled all that snow. It’s the mantra of everyone in the northern part of this continent, I think.

Clearing that much snow – without a snow blower – takes a system. Lift a little from the top, move it closer to the lawn, lift a little more, toss it on the lawn…and repeat. Do a big chunk of the driveway, take a break for a while (come back into the house and warm up a bit, relax and then bundle up again…rinse and repeat.)

That’s a picture of the snow piled on my lawn.

(Oh and And keep repeating “We don’t have earthquakes…we don’t have hurricanes…we don’t have alligators…”. It makes a nice rhythm doesn’t it? Sorta like a snow chanty?)

Who needs arm or leg day at the gym?

So let me ask you – does this sound like you and your books?  Do you let them pile up like 25+ cm of snow and then you need to slog – painfully – through them? (I hear that from coaches, consultants and creatives all the time!)

While I was relaxing recuperating on the couch afterwards I thought “Well, systems are my jam, you know.” I create a system for each client that fits the way they work and fits their business. And we do it on a monthly (or quarterly) basis.

The snow will melt, eventually. That pile of paper you really don’t want to deal with? It won’t.

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