Don’t want to get lost in your bookkeeping? Here’s an easy way to avoid that!

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“I think we’re lost. I’m going to turn left here. It’s not the street on Google Maps, but I think I missed that one”.

Yes we were lost – no strike that – we were having an adventure – in Hamilton (ON) a few months back.

We were spending the weekend with our son at McMaster University. Now, if you know Hamilton ON, it has a ton of one-way streets. Our hotel was on one – but it lead away from the campus and our son’s place, so we had to take it and then loop back. But Google maps was leading us astray.

Anyways, we did manage to get there in time for dinner.

The next day, I got smart. I asked for directions from the man at the front desk.

“What’s the easiest way to get to the campus from here?”

“Oh”, he said. “It’s easy. Turn right from our lot and then take the first left at the stoplight at the McDonald’s. Then left at the next stoplight after that. Then follow the signs to Dundas. Stay to the left, but don’t go on the highway”.

Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Well, it is when you ask someone who knows, right?

So let me ask you – ever feel that way with your bookkeeping and accounting? Lost, unsure, a bit nervous?

I know how you feel (especially after our little adventure in Hamilton!).

If you’re feeling that way, talk to someone who knows what they’re doing (and can say “Been there, done that”). Like your friendly neighbourhood AccountingWizard, maybe? (He’s easy to get to, you know? Just email  (lfox©accounting-wizard•com)  . I answer every one of them personally.)

PS I always say “We’re not lost. We’re just having an adventure.” It’s less stressful that way, don’t you think? (Just don’t ask how often I say it).

PPS I am writing this from home. We’re not trapped going around in circles in Hamilton.

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