Four Ways to Deal with Cross Border Chequing Charges

Canada and US Flags

Are you located in Canada? And do you ever write cheques on a Canadian bank account and mail them to a supplier in the United States? Then read on…

A couple of months ago, I was at a client doing the bank reconciliation when I noticed a charge on the account—a “cross-border cheque fee”. Now that’s something I’d never seen before, and it was quite fascinating because it was on a US dollar account.

Many Canadian companies (small and large) who purchase goods and services from the United States often have a US dollar bank account because it has simplified doing business with our Neighbours to the South, but this fee was something I’d never seen before—and it was, to my mind, and exorbitant amount—$40.00 for each cheque written that month.

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Are you SURE the problem’s your mortgage?

I normally don’t rant, but this radio advert I was listening to in the car on the way to a client just got to me the other day. It goes something like this:
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Branding Surprise

At our May 2012 Association of Independent Consultants meeting (AIC), [Update: an organization, which, sadly, no longer exists!] we were discussing branding, and how the real and perceived experience with a person or product and service, generates the impressions that create the brand in the mind of your actual and potential clients.

After the speaker’s presentation, I decided to run a little workshop to see how my brand was perceived by the members attending the event (there are some advantages to being the President of the group). The speaker did say, that it is important to ensure that your perceived brand is what you want it to be—perception is reality, after all. And it’s quite possible that the message you think you’re sending to your potential clients is not the one they’re getting or perceiving—which means you need to change your message! And so, a bit of research is essential in seeing what message is being received vs what message you think you’re sending.
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If the shoe (doesn’t) fit…

Veteran blogger Chris Brogan, published a blog post called Don’t Take a Bad Deal. In that post, he wrote that recently he’d run into some tough times and as a result he accepted some “deals and offers that weren’t my typical arrangement” in order to quickly generate revenue.  (In my experience, this is not an uncommon thing, for many entrepreneurs when they get stuck in a “cash flow interruptus” situation, to use a phrase favoured by one one my clients.) Continue reading

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