The Smile behind the Mask

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“Do you ever get bored listening to that?”

I was lying on my side in a cool darkened room while the echocardiogram technician was running the wand over my chest. Every once in a while, she’d hit a button and I’d hear the sounds of the blood pumping through the chambers of my heart.

I was having my annual echo (the first since the pandemic) and it had been a while since I’d heard that sound. Me? I love that sound. It means I’m still here.

“No”, she said, and I could see the smile transforming her face behind the mask and the light in her eyes.

Isn’t it great to find joy in your day?

Most days I do – especially on those days when everything clicks and I get into the Flow Zone.

But I do know that for you and other coaches, doing your books does not spark any joy.

Far from it.

That’s OK.

There’s all kinds of stuff here at AccountingWizard World HQ that I don’t want to do either. (Does anyone really enjoy changing the litter in the cat’s box?)

But I do love doing bookkeeping and accounting. I love to bring order out of chaos. I love creating systems together with you to make your life easier.

What brings you joy in your work? And why doesn’t doing your books make your eyes light up?

Hit this email   (lfox©accounting-wizard•com)  link and say “Lawrence, – I love doing [fill it in here] in my business” —  I really want to know! (and yes, I personally answer all emails).

Here’s to some adventures in accounting!

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