Are you a CPA with a tax & compliance practice?

Don't like doing client bookkeeping?

Your clients need help with theirs?

I do that!

Are you a CPA? Can we talk?

Time for some serious CPA-to-CPA talk. First, let’s do the secret handshake and password thing (Oh, you’re not a CPA. Nope, uh, nope. This webpage is a figment of your imagination. Doesn’t exist. These are not the ‘droids that you’re looking for…)

Oh, where was I…

You’re a CPA with a busy tax and compliance practice. You got bit by the “I love tax” bug all those years ago when starting out—and you really, really, don’t love doing bookkeeping.

You’re frustrated with “shoebox clients” or clients with no or poor bookkeeping. You end up wasting your time and their money fixing their mistakes.

You’re worried that some of your clients aren’t providing you with accurate or complete information. And that means they might be missing out on tax deductions or making poor business decisions, ultimately impacting how well you can help them.

You don’t want to do their bookkeeping.  And you decided that you don’t want to add a bookkeeping department to your practice..

And isn’t tax time stressful enough as it is, without worrying about your clients’ bookkeeping woes?

If you could rid of this stress—how much better would your life be?

How much better would you be able to help your clients?

Just imagine:

This is where I come in

  Yes, I'm a CPA. No, I don't do any tax or compliance work.

I’m Lawrence Fox and I’m the CPA that loves to do bookkeeping. I work with my fellow CPAs to get their clients’ books in order. (Bonus points if your clients include coaches, consultants and creatives.)

You get:

You look like a hero to your client. (And who doesn’t like to look like a hero? I know it’s not an item in the CPA Handbook, but admit it, you love when that happens, don’t you? I know I do).

It’s a win-win for everyone. When a bookkeeper and an accountant collaborate, everyone wins—you, your client (and, well, me too).

CPAs Assemble! (Yes, it does sound cooler when The Avengers say it, doesn’t it?)

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

Many CPAs are reluctant to outsource bookkeeping or introduce their clients to an independent, professional bookkeeper.


They have trouble finding an independent, professional bookkeeper.

I’m a professional. Says so right there on the certificate I’ve got on the wall.

Or, because they believe that they will lose a client to a “bookkeeper who also does tax work”.

You have no concern about that with me. First of all, that’s not how I operate. 

Secondly, I don’t do any tax or compliance work. Period. None. Nada. Bupkis.

I run from tax work like there’s a horde of ravening zombies on my tail.

(That’s probably how you view bookkeeping, right?)

Heck, I don’t even do my own taxes. I hand that over to someone like you who loves that shit stuff.

What can I do for you and your clients?

For more information, check out my Work with Me page, or the individual service pages.

You can finally cross client bookkeeping off your worry list!

Sounds good, Lawrence. What’s the next step?

Before you trust me with your clients and introduce me to them—we should talk, don’t you think?

So let’s schedule a call …

I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.