“I didn’t go to work for myself to do paperwork!”

Have you ever said that to yourself?

Or does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I understand my business and I love what I do. I don’t understand and/or I don’t want to understand the nitty-gritty details of bookkeeping”
  • “I hate doing the books”
  • “I don’t understand my accounting software. It’s a nightmare”
  • “My business is growing so fast and doing the books is so time-consuming”
  • “I’ve grown beyond using a couple of Excel spreadsheets to run the business”
  • “It’s tax time and I don’t have anything prepared for CRA”
  • “I don’t understand what my (tax) accountant wants from me. I’m not sure she really understands my business. And every time I speak to her, it costs me money”
  • “I work all day on my business–and then all night or all weekend on the books. When do I get some time for myself?”

Instead of doing what you love, enjoy and excel at, are you behind on your billings and payments, lost track of who owes you money, and frustrated with your accounting software?

A rescue is at hand…

Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur who loved what she did so much that she forgot about the piles of paper in the corner of her desk. And it grew, and it grew and it grew, until started to crawl across the floor, take over the office, and the family’s cat hadn’t been seen in weeks. And one fine day she cried out “Is there not someone who can rescue me from this paper nightmare?” And then, at her side there appeared an accounting wizard, who with his magic wand, liberated her.

The nice thing about this story is that it’s true.

I’m that wizard. And I do own a magic wand (unfortunately, just waving it doesn’t provide an immediate rescue).

At AccountingWizard Solutions and we rescue entrepreneurs and small business owners from their paperwork nightmares. We make bookkeeping and accounting stress free. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and York Region to get out from under the mounds of paper and get back to business.

“ASK ME for anything,” said Napoleon to his lieutenant. “Anything but time.”

Everyone is pressed for time. All business owners wish that they could spend more time working on their business, prospecting for leads, servicing existing customers, or doing what you enjoy doing—instead of wading through piles of invoices, bills and bank statements. To catch up with the ever-increasing stacks of paper, you either sacrifice selling time, sleep time or family time—and then feel guilty and even more stressed.

“I’m a doctor, not an accountant…”

But at AccountingWizard Solutions, I am an accountant and I really enjoy doing the paperwork that drives you around the bend. Bookkeeping and accounting is MY business. I give you back the time you need to get back the business of doing business. I liberate you from that monstrous mountain of paper lurking on the corner of your desk, overflowing into the oversized shoebox on the floor (almost taking on a life of its own!).

I do my best to understand what you do for a living in order to serve your needs. (I will drive you crazy with lots of questions at first … because I need to learn the details of how your business works).

I’ve always worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses, and I love doing it. I’ve “been there, done that” for over 15 years as entrepreneurs myself and I’m happy to share my expertise and experience with you.

I’m flexible and I’ll fit into your schedule to meet your needs.

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AccountingWizard Solutions is liberating entrepreneurs today from paperwork (by providing bookkeeping and accounting services) in Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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