Wanna know the #1 Secret about Accounting and Bookkeeping?

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“Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man
They’ve given you a number and taken away your name”

That song kept on rolling around in my head as I sat down to write.

Want to know why?

Because in every spy story or movie, there’s always a scene where That Mysterious Guy™ lowers his head, looks furtively around and whispers The Big Secret to Our Hero that explains why The Big Bad has been chasing them.

Today is my turn to put on my trench coat, shades and fedora and spill the beans.

Bookkeeping and accounting are not rocket science.

That’s the secret.

OK, I can hear you.

“That’s easy for you to say, Lawrence. You’re the rocket scientist of accountants. I’m just a plain old coach, consultant, or creative. Numbers just aren’t my thing”.

I get it. Hey, SEO is a mystery to me (which is why I have someone helping me with that! I’ll have more about the amazing Brittany Herzberg of Copy By B.  another time).

And don’t get me started on “What’s the best way to leverage LinkedIn for my business?” (I have no freaking idea.)

But it’s true.

Bookkeeping and accounting are not rocket science.

Ooops, I said it again.


❓ You don’t know the rules
❓ You don’t know where to start and feel totally lost
❓ You’re worried about “doing it wrong”

Relax. That’s why I’m here. I’m on a mission to help coaches, consultants, and creatives who’d rather have a root canal than do their books.

We can create a system that you’ll understand and that works for you. Your books will always be up to date, done right, and tax season will be a breeze.

And I’ll happily de-mystify the rocket science parts for you.

(Now I gotta run. The gurus and thought leaders in my world and some of my colleagues are – right now – sharpening their pitchforks and heating up a vat of tar and feathers with my name on it. And they’re all looking for me).

PS No I never watched the Danger Man series. But I did watch the quasi “sequel” The Prisoner. Thanks TVO for showing me stuff like that, along with Doctor Who and all those Saturday night dates with Elwy.

PPS Yes, I did watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it first came out.

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