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Four Ways to Deal with Cross Border Chequing Charges

Are you located in Canada? And do you ever write cheques on a Canadian bank account and mail them to a supplier in the United States? Then read on… A couple of months ago, I was at a client doing … Continue reading

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Are you SURE the problem’s your mortgage?

I normally don’t rant, but this radio advert I was listening to in the car on the way to a client just got to me the other day. It goes something like this:

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Branding Surprise

At our May 2012 Association of Independent Consultants meeting (AIC), [Update: an organization, which, sadly, no longer exists!] we were discussing branding, and how the real and perceived experience with a person or product and service, generates the impressions that … Continue reading

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If the shoe (doesn’t) fit…

  Veteran blogger Chris Brogan, published a blog post called Don’t Take a Bad Deal. In that post, he wrote that recently he’d run into some tough times and as a result he accepted some “deals and offers that weren’t … Continue reading

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