The Great Cat Food Dilemma: In a rut or not?

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Have you ever seen one of those guys walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart, cell phone in hand, checking a picture, looking for something on the shelf?

That’s probably me (if you live in Thornhill, ON). 

Last time it happened, I was on the Great Cat Food Hunt.

Dash The Cat needed more food.

“OK, Gail”, I said, “I’ll pop over to Wal-Mart or wherever and grab a few tins”.

“Not so fast”, she said, “Dash is a very picky eater.”

(Great. Even my cat is a left-handed Virgo).

“She’ll only eat the Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna Feast in Gravy. Take a picture with your phone so that you buy the right thing”. (No affiliate links, just the facts ma’am).

That’s how I ended up wandering the cat food aisle with my phone in my hand (that’s the picture that’s with this – still on my phone). Bought some FFGRFIG (no, I’m not going to keep on typing it out in full). 

And I kept on buying FFGRFIG any time we needed cat food.

Until the Pandemic and the Great Supply Chain Shortage of Everything – and one day, there was no FFGRFIG on the shelves. Anywhere. (Trust me. We looked high and low and all over town.)(Yea I know, first world problem).

Well, we couldn’t let Dash The Cat starve, so we bought some other flavours of Fancy Feast Grilled [whatever] in Gravy.

Guess what?

She ate it. All of it. Licked the bowl clean and asked for more.

So now we buy an assortment. And she’s still eating. (In fact, she’s been eating so much that she’s getting a bit rotund.)

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering “Why is Lawrence telling me this?”

Because I wondered if Dash ever thought she was in a rut.

Did she saunter into the kitchen, head for her for her bowl after a long day of sleeping (she IS a senior housecat), and start to chow down – and then said to herself “Oh frabjous joy! FFGRIFG again!”.

Or did she ever roll her eyes and say “Holy Bast! Not this crap AGAIN!”

Does she now meow “Oh! My prayers have been answered!”

(I don’t know. I don’t speak cat. Or at least not that well.)

Let me ask you – have you ever been a rut – especially in your business? Walking around in circles, feeling frustrated because, darn it, you got to do that damn bookkeeping and accounting but you just can’t find the time or the desire to do it?

Do you cry out “For the love of Pacioli! Is there no-one who can rescue me from the depths of my despair over my bookkeeping and accounting?


Well, even if you’re not that dramatic about it, I can help you put together a roadmap to lead you out of the rut.

No meow-ing required. Unless you want to.


(Thanks for reading all the way to the end).

Have fun storming the castle (whatever your castle looks like today).



PS: Ever been in a business rut? What did YOU do to get out of it? Let me know  (lfox©accounting-wizard•com)  !

PPS: Sometimes Dash and I do meow at each other. I think she’s always correcting my pronunciation or my grammar, so I’m not sure if she’s saying “Thank you” or “What the hell are you talking about? What a dope!”.

PPPS: Fun fact: Luca Pacioli, was a Franciscan friar and collaborator of Leonardo da Vinci, He’s considered the “creator” of double-entry bookkeeping and published his work in Venice in 1494.

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