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Do you love them? I do. (Who doesn’t?)

I’ve been told that they’re our oldest form of teaching and communicating.

This is a story about Laura Belgray, the Queen of Email Storytelling.

Well, as all good stories begin, a long time ago (but not in a galaxy far far away) I met Laura. (Actually, I’ve never met her face to face). I’m not sure exactly when it was but I’m sure it was through one of Marie Forleo’s videos.

But she hooked me with her words and stories from day one.

I read her emails every single time – even the ones she reuses/recycles.

They were real game-changers for me. Wow! Emails written by someone who talks (and writes) like a real person, not a bro-marketer dude or someone with a stick up their *ss.

And she’s probably the first person who ever prompted me to respond to one of her emails – and even better, she wrote back. Still does, every single time I comment.

Every letter is a complete masterclass in using stories to entertain – and yes, to sell.

If you want to learn the art and science of email selling, get on her mailing list stat. (And no, she didn’t pay me to say that).

A couple of weeks ago she put out into the world a new free guide/resource called Story Goldmine: 63 Surprising Places To Mine Your Everyday Life for Stories That Sell.

And it came with two really cool bonuses.

Bonus #1: It’s really free. You don’t have to hand over your name and email address to get it.

Bonus #2: She also threw in some notes on connecting your stories to a point and how to use that connection to sell stuff. (One of my weaknesses!)

Laura didn’t ask me to write about it, just to read it and tell her what I thought about it.

OK, Laura, here it is:

It’s freakin’ fantastic.

As a left-brained, non-stop list reader and maker, this was heaven. And as I read all the examples, I kept saying “OMG! I remember that email…” (That’s how good they are).

So, pop on over to her website at Talking Shrimp and grab your copy. If you want to up your story-telling game in your emails, presentations, or networking conversations, this is a great place to start.



PS For those who skip to the end, go get Laura Belgray’s new cool thing.

PPS She’s the one who taught me the power of the post-script(s)

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