Running on Empty

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I was running late that morning.

Bolted down my breakfast. Loaded up my lunch bag. Grabbed my briefcase and I was out the door and into my car. Zipped over to the 407 and started my 45-minute trip to wilds of Caledon for my bi-weekly appointment with my client.

(This was a few years ago when I still went to a client to do the work. My practice is virtual now and I almost never get out of the sunniest basement in Thornhill).

I didn’t check the gas gauge – until I was half-way there.

Oops. It was at the quarter-fill mark.

Panic time.

(For those not familiar with the 407, there aren’t a lot of exits once you get out of the city. And once I was off the highway and on the country road heading to my client’s farm – I didn’t spot any gas stations. In the days before smartphones, I’m not sure that telling the Motor League that I’m “somewhere on Dixie Road north of the King Sideroad” would get them to me).

About a half-kilometre from the farm gate, the red “out of gas” light on the dashboard went on.

(Now I know why it’s called an “idiot light”. I certainly felt like one).

I think I coasted into the drive on fumes.

Embarrassed, I told the client what happened.

“No problem”, she said. “It’s not entirely legal, but this IS an emergency. We’ve got gas here for the farm vehicles. Let’s fill up your tank”.

“Thanks”, I gasped, as relief flooded through me. (Also shame, doubt and embarrassment).

So why am I telling you this?

(Other than to demonstrate, as my wife will tell you, that I’m far from perfect?)

Because I believe that there are no emergencies in accounting.

And one of my goals in life is to make sure that my clients don’t get into panic mode. (It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? Panic mode, I mean.)

We’re well into the 4th quarter of 2022 as I write this, and if your books aren’t up to date – well, that’s the closest thing to an accounting emergency that I can think of. I can’t take on any cleanups or catchups right now – but it isn’t too early to start thinking of next year and how you can avoid that “out of gas on the highway” feeling.

You can book a call now—and we can talk (even if your tank isn’t running low). Really

Thanks for reading to the end!

Have fun storming the castle (whatever your castle looks like today).


PS: Important life lesson learned. I now NEVER get on the highway before checking the gas gauge and I ALWAYS top off the tank!

PPS: Want to avoid that “OMG I’m out of gas” feeling about your accounting? You can book a call now (whatcha waiting for?)

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