Flat Rate Pricing for your
Bookkeeping & Accounting

Simple. Clear. No Surprises.

A package of services that fits YOU.

Cost certainty helps me plan

Lawrence's monthly payment program has been a big advantage for me. It gives me cost certainty, which helps me plan and maintain my business.
Craig Colby
Colbyvision Inc.

Flat rate pricing means I don't have to worry

Lawrence has been doing my books for about five years. He is knowledgeable, meticulous, patient and always willing to take the time to explain things I don't understand. His flat rate pricing means I don't have to worry if he's running the clock every time I call with a question, or request a change in how we're accounting for something. And it ensures I never have a surprise bill. It's a great system!
D. Day

Nobody likes hourly-based pricing for services

You never know the final bill until the work is done.

And so you feel like:

      • I didn’t budget for THIS”
      • “I don’t know what to expect each month — how am I going to plan?”
      • I’m afraid call or email or ask questions because the meter is running”
      • “How do I know it really took that long?”
      • “There’s no way it took that much time! My stuff is so simple!”

Wouldn’t you love to give yourself the gift of cost certainty and peace of mind that goes with it?

I charge a fixed fee based on the package of services that you require. We’ll review your needs and wants and create a package that’s tailored to YOU, so that you’re confident that you’re getting the best solution for your business.

You can budget and plan. No unexpected, shocking invoices. You have certainty about your investment.

I focus on providing value to you—not hours. I’m constantly thinking about what else I can do to help you to make your life better. I’m always on the lookout for ways and means to become more efficient. I keep learning so I can provide better advice and solutions to your business problems.

My fees are based on providing you the outcomes you desire and value to you; time has no inherent value. I shouldn’t be rewarded for – and you shouldn’t be penalized for – inefficiency.

So tell me about your bookkeeping and accounting service packages!


The most popular option

"Let the Wizard do it"

Starting at $1,395.00 *

This is the top of the line package with all the bells and whistles. It’s for you if just want to let the magic happen, while getting the maximum amount of information and support.


The most popular option

“Let’s do it together”

Starting at $995.00*

This is for you if you want a “Done by You and Me” approach. You want a system where you do your part and I do the rest, and know that everything is in the right place. You’ll have the total confidence and clarity about your books.



“DIY with support”

Starting at $695.00*

This package is for you if you want to do as much of the work as you can on your own, and have a second set of eyes to review and provide some basic advice. You’ll have a pro at your back helping you out and holding you accountable.

* plus HST (of course)

All of the packages include:

Full Bank, Credit Card and Loan account reconciliations

Reconciling your books to your bank account balance is the first step to ensuring that your numbers are accurate and complete. It means there are no missing or unexplained transactions, your sales figures are correct and all your expenses and deductions are accounted for!

Regularly scheduled days just for you!

You’ll have a day that’s regularly scheduled just for you on a quarterly basis so you’ll always know when I’m working on your books.

The Full and Premium packages add an upgrade to monthly updates.

Updating your Chart of Accounts

Your “Chart of Accounts” is the list of accounts needed to run your business; it includes sales, other income types, expenses and assets (stuff you own) and liabilities (stuff you owe). As your company grows the Chart sometimes needs changing to keep pace.

Updating your Fixed Asset Lists

You need to keep track of your major, long term assets (stuff that you own) so that they can be properly depreciated (and you get the maximum tax benefit). I’ll create the appropriate reports for your accountant and we’ll keep track of all of those assets (when you buy them and if you get rid of them).

Entering Supplier Invoices and other expenses

You need to know what you spent and where you spent it. I’ll enter your expenses into the correct categories (or “accounts” as we accountants call them!) so you’ll be able to see where your money went and be able to make more informed decisions.

Expense Monitoring

Managing your costs is vital. I’ll work with you to identify the most critical costs in your business (and they’re different for everyone), and I’ll keep a close eye on them. If something changes—I’ll let you know and we’ll discuss it. Having a second set of eyes on those important items never hurts!

The Premium and Full Packages add the following (and more!)

Reviewing and Filing your HST

If you’re registered for GST/HST, you need to file returns. I’ll make your life easier by completing and filing the returns with CRA. If you’re an annual filer, I’ll calculate and remind you about your quarterly installments.

Unlimited email and telephone support

What if you have questions about your bookkeeping?

With the Premium and Full packages, you get unlimited email and telephone support—including, if needed, a Zoom call where I can take over remote control of your screen and step you through what needs to be done for your future reference.

What if you have some general business questions?

You don’t have feel like the meter is ticking any time you contact me—because it isn’t!

Regular Financial and Strategic Review Meetings

We’ll meet on a regular basis to discuss the meaning of your financials and other management issues, compare your progress, and discuss any plans for the future.

Looking at your numbers once a year is like always driving your car in reverse, and steering by looking in the mirrors—you’ll get to where you’re going, but slowly and painfully—and probably late. Let’s get proactive and move forward! confidently.

Want to know more?

We’re a hot match if:

And you must, must, must have a great sense of humour because, well, that’s absolutely required when working with me.

Book your 30-minute Shmooze and Coffee below and we can talk a little bit about you and your business and see if we’re a good match. No charge and no obligation, just a call.

Pick the day and time that fits your schedule. (so nu? What are you waiting for?)

You got questions? I got answers!

(As Joe Friday would say "Just the FAQs ma'am")

No. I will send you an engagement letter with the agreed services and pricing—but once we get going, if it’s not working for you, you may cancel in writing with 30 days notice.

All of my clients are on a pre-approved debit (PAD) program that withdraws the money directly from your bank account on the first of the month (or quarter).

Easy-peasy for both of us!

We’ll meet on Zoom and review your needs, requirements and the scope of the engagement (yes, I have a checklist for that). Then I’ll review my notes and provide you with a proposal with three service levels and fees

We’ll review and adjust at that time.

I review all of my clients each fall and raise the fees at the beginning of each calendar year (or the closest quarter following January for those on non-calendar quarters).

Usually it takes about 30-45 days from the time an engagement letter is signed to get you fully on-boarded and getting your books into my workflow.

Yes, unlimited support is included in the Premium and Full packages. You can call (during office hours) or email at any time and I’ll respond – and the clock doesn’t start ticking.

No, I do not bundle other packages within mine, but as an Intuit wholesaler/re-seller I can provide QBO to you at a discount (with a slight markup to cover some of my admin costs for doing so).

Yes, I’m really a CPA and a member of CPA Ontario. (I can show you my certifcate in a Zoom call if you really want.)

You can read all about it here in this blog post

TLDR version? I never got bitten by the “tax bug”; taxes bore me to tears. And I never wanted to spend three months of life every year not seeing my family.

I run away from doing taxes like there’s a horde of ravening zombies on my tail.

If you already have someone doing your taxes, I’m more than happy to collaborate with them. And if you don’t, I can introduce you to a couple of really good people.

Last time I checked (October 2021—because someone did ask at a networking event): 17

And I get most of mine from The Bowtie Club (no affiliate link). Fun fact: so did the prop department at the original NCIS TV show; I spotted Ducky wearing one of “my” bowties.

And, yes…

Real and spectacular

I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.