The Day I Lost My Wedding Ring

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It got cold again the other day just like The Day That I Lost My Wedding Ring.

(Spoiler alert: There is a happy ending!)

My wedding ring has always been slightly oversized. When I got married, I was working for my Dad at the car wash. Dad had nearly lost a finger when a ring he was wearing got caught in some of the machinery (luckily it was just the ring that got mangled and not his hand) but I’ve always been attached to my body parts.

So it’s always been a bit loose on my hand. But just prior to, and during the pandemic, I’ve lost some weight.

When my hands get cold in the wintertime, they shrink a little bit.

See where I’m going with this?

The first time it happened was the February before the pandemic closed everything down. I got into my car and pulled off my glove – only to hear a loud “tink” as my ring flew off my hand and banged off the inside of the passenger door. I found it and put it back on, and thought nothing of it.

Maybe I should have.

Fast forward to the late winter of 2021. We returned from our usual Saturday afternoon “hot date” – grocery shopping.

And then…

I sat down on the couch in the living room to relax – and looked down at my left hand.

No ring.

Fear. Panic. Remorse all flooded through me (“OMG, what kind of idiot am I that I didn’t notice the ring was gone?!”) I frantically searched the house, the car, my gloves, my coat – nothing. I called all the places we’d been to see if anyone had turned it in. Nobody had seen it.

Depressed, I put my hand in my left hand pocket and there, jumbled up in there along with all the other stuff – my ring! (Told you the story had a happy ending!).

Relief flooded through me in an instant.

With the cold weather’s return, I can tell you one thing – when I go out, the ring stays home!

Ring-tailed cat
Here’s one of the places I put the ring before I go out. Yes, I now have a ring-tailed cat!


So why am I telling you all of this?

Have you ever looked at your books and felt that sinking feeling? Or panicked over a government deadline? Or said “OMG, what kind of idiot am I that I can’t figure out where to begin?”

Been there, done that.

I hear variations on this theme all the time from my clients.

The solution is generally as easy as sticking your hand into your pocket. And together we can make sure that there are no emergencies in your accounting.

Or lost or misplaced sales or expenses!

I’m Lawrence Fox from AccountingWizard Solutions and I’m the CPA who loves to do bookkeeping and accounting for coaches and consultants who’d rather have root canal than do their books (but you knew that already because you’re here on my blog, right?)

Need help creating your no-brainer accounting systems? Want to get bookkeeping off your plate and the worry off your pillow?

We’re a hot match if you’re:

  • In Canada
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  • Running a full-time business
  • Overwhelmed by your bookkeeping and accounting

Want to talk about it? Book a “30-minute Coffee and a Shmooze” chat with me!

PS If you run into me during the winter time and notice no ring – yes, I’m still happily married.

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