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Here’s my cloud bookkeeping packages in detail. We’ll meet and do a Deep Dive into your needs and then assemble the right package of services for you.

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The most popular option

"Let the Wizard do it"

This is the top of the line package with all the bells and whistles. It’s for you if just want to let the magic happen, while getting the maximum amount of information and support.


The most popular option

“Let’s do it together”

This is for you if you want a “Done by You and Me” approach. You want a system where you do your part and I do the rest, and know that everything is in the right place. You’ll have the total confidence and clarity about your books.



“DIY with support”

This package is for you if you want to do as much of the work as you can on your own, and have a second set of eyes to review and provide some basic advice. You’ll have a pro at your back helping you out and holding you accountable.

QuickBooks Online Plus is Intuit’s top-of-the line package in Canada and includes a wealth of features and more than 65 reporting additional management reports. We provide this version to all of our clients.

It retails (April 2021) for over $700.00 CAD per year.

Fussing with paper is a nightmare, isn’t it? Hubdoc is a system that removes that burden for bills, invoices and those pesky credit card receipts. Between your smartphone, email and scanner, you’ll move all that stuff to the cloud and it will be available for me to review. No more pestering you about an invoice! No more filing! And even better, I’m supplying it to you free of charge and will show you how to use it.

Hubdoc is included with all of your packages and has a retail value of $180.00 CAD per year (April 2021).

Reconciling your books to your bank account balance is the first step to ensuring that your numbers are accurate and complete. It means there are no missing or unexplained transactions, your sales figures are correct and all  your expenses and deductions are accounted for!

Your “Chart of Accounts” is the list of accounts needed to run your business; it includes sales, other income types, expenses and assets (stuff you own) and liabilities (stuff you owe). As your company grows the Chart sometimes needs changing to keep pace.

You need to know what you spent and where you spent it. I’ll enter your expenses into the correct categories (or “accounts” as we accountants call them!) so you’ll be able to see where your money went and be able to make more informed decisions.
You need to know what you spent and where you spent it. I’ll enter your expenses into the correct categories (or “accounts” as we accountants call them!) so you’ll be able to see where your money went and be able to make more informed decisions. The same goes for cash coming in.

Even if everything is entered into the correct account, I’ll review the totals and see if anything looks odd. If so, I’ll alert you.

If you’re registered for GST/HST, you need to file returns. I’ll make your life easier by completing and filing the returns with CRA. If you’re an annual filer, I’ll calculate and remind you about your quarterly installments.
I’ll review the year’s accounts, make any necessary adjustments, and create a set of time-saving reports for your accountant. I’ll provide those reports, plus a covering letter describing any other issues to your accountant for her to complete your annual financials and tax returns. I’ll also be available to answer her questions.

After the accountant has finished her work, there’s always some adjustments to be made to the books. I’ll enter them and ensure that everything is in order.

To protect your privacy, CRA won’t talk to me about your business without your permission. We’ll file the right forms so I’m enrolled in the CRA’s “Represent a Client” program for your accounts.

I can then  handle any inquiries or check on your company’s HST and corporate tax payments online.

You need to keep track of your major, long term assets (stuff that you own) so that they can be properly depreciated (and you get the maximum tax benefit). I’ll create the appropriate reports for your accountant and we’ll keep track of all of those assets (when you buy them and if you get rid of them).
New bookkeeping methods aren’t always easy but they can be less painful. (As an old friend once said “No upgrade goes unpunished”). We’ll set up a schedule. Additional sessions can be arranged at for a fee.

What if you have questions about your bookkeeping? Even with the best training, there will be times when you’re not sure how to account for a transaction. With the Premium and Full packages, you get unlimited email and telephone support—including, if needed, a Zoom call where I can take over remote control of your screen and step you through what needs to be done for your future reference.

What if you have some general business questions?

You don’t have feel like the meter is ticking anytime you contact me—because it isn’t!

Managing your costs is vital. I’ll work with you to identify the most critical costs in your business (and they’re different for everyone), and I’ll keep a close eye on them. If something changes—I’ll let you know and we’ll discuss it. Having a second set of eyes on those important items never hurts!
You’ll have a day that’s regularly scheduled just for you. The Full package adds an upgrade to monthly updates.

Don’t panic about letters or calls from the CRA or other agencies asking for information. Call me and I’ll investigate and provide the necessary information.

If it’s an actual audit or not a routine matter, then I’ll provide a separate fixed price quotation before the work is done.

Watching your receivables is vital to your cash flow. Who owes you how much—and when is it due? Have you forgotten to collect money from someone (yes, that does happen sometimes!) Billed someone twice for the same service? Are there any bad debts?

We’ll go over your receivables and discuss them during our regular review sessions.

Your payables are also important for your cash flow and we’ll also review them during our regular review sessions.

We’ll meet on a regular basis to discuss the meaning of your financials and other management issues, compare your progress, and discuss any plans for the future. Looking at your numbers once a year is like always driving your car in reverse, and steering by looking in the mirrors—you’ll get to where you’re going, but slowly and painfully—and probably late. Let’s get proactive and move forward confidently.

There’s a whole eco-system of 3rd-party applications that can be added on to Quickbooks Online that will save you time and aggravation. We’ll discuss your particular needs and identify some possible solutions.

Once we’ve identified some of the additional apps that can help you, I’ll work with you to set them up. This service is included in Premium  and Full packages and is available for an extra fee in the Essential Setup package.



Up to 5 sessions

12 hour response time






Up to 3 sessions

12-24 hours

Up to 5 key expenses





2 sessions

24-48 hours

2 key expenses


I'm the guy you call when you absolutely, positively hate doing the books.