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I’m not a a fan of  SPAM (including the stuff that comes in the can); I will keep your email address between the two of us. I will not share it, sell it or rent it.

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Wow!! I had no idea I needed to have these convos!! This is wildly helpful so thank you!!
Lia Pinelli
Lia Pinelli Coaching

QuickDiagnostic Checkup

Want to know what the QuickDiagnostic looks at? Here’s just a few of the items:

From your Banking
From your Profit & Loss Reports
From your Balance Sheet

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"Getting to Know You" Consultation

Tea pot and cup
"Getting to know you, getting to know all about cup of tea"

We hop on the telephone for a 45-minute, complimentary, no-obligation “Getting to Know You” consultation. I’ll ask you a whole bunch of questions to evaluate where you are now, where you want to go, and what you expect to get out of us working together. And yes, you’ll also have time to ask me questions.

If we do decide that we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule the next step. If we’re not a good fit (now) that’s OK. (It happens—better to figure that out now!)